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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  November 28, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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just mentioned christmas. >> hello everyone, our top three stories at this hour, who was he and why did he do it? the attack is over and the investigation begins. we know the man plowed through this car through a crowd on campus and stabbed people with a butcher knife. right now, we are watching the elevator that the president-elect trump is welcoming david patraeus for a meeting today. that's not all he's doing today, with a recount under way. millions of people voted illegally. let's start with the attack at ohio state. we'll go out to chief justice pete williams who's been focused on finding out who this attack is.
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it was a student at a ohio state university. he came to the united states june 2014 with members of his family. they were fleeing somalia, they lived for a time in pakistan and came to the united states two years ago. they say shortly before the attack, sometimes this morning, the ali-aton posted on facebook of a message he was upset about the treatment of muslims around the world and reached the boiling point and could not take it anymore. he was shot and killed by a campus police officer. the assailant was -- they're looking into his past and social media and the kind of thing i was talking about and searching his place where he was living and talking to friends and relatives and trying to figure out what led to this attack. that's the best information that we have at this point. >> any information at all about why he would have startinged
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that particular part of campus. we know it was an engineering building. >> no, we don't know what he was studying. i believe he was a first year. he was 18-year-old. i don't even know where they declared a may skbror jor or it rather than d random attack. >> we are not sure if he's an ohio state university student? >> that's what i am getting at. >> classes were cancelled today. the president of the university says they'll reopened tomorrow. rehema ellis is with me here, she's been following this story. re rehema, the good news is they seem to have non-life threatening injuries. >> that's correct. >> one of those injured are in
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critical condition and the others are, their injuries are non-life threatening. >> it was getting under way, 9:56, when an alert went out because of an active shooter on campus. that went out from the ohio state university. about 90 minutes later, we should tell thaw the alert was given of an all clear. it happened quickly. this person, one suspect is dead and we know he did not have a gun. the shot that people heard fired was the shot that came from the police officer taken down the suspect. he took his vehicle and ran over a curb into a crowd of people there on campus at 10:00 in the morning. after that, that person got out of his vehicle with a butcher. >> nine people total and five of
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them of victims of stabbed wounds and others were injured of a car plowing into them. >> most of them and almost all of them are expected to survive their injuries. this was over within 90 minutes after it was started that the "all clear" was sounded. in less than two-minutes from the time the campus alert was out, it was over because the suspect was shot dead. >> and it just happens to be that a police officer was near by. they got lucky that somebody was right there. >> it is the third largest campus in the country. >> they do have security campus on and at all times around the university. they were lucky that someone was there armed and trained and knew what to do to subdue this suspect. >> comes right after this thanksgiving break. the head of the school, the president of the school was
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saying it is going to be a difficult period. they'll try to get back to class tomorrow. >> they are. >> imagine what it was like on campus, you come back from one of the greatest holidays, thanksgiving, they just finished winning ohio and the buckeyes and won their football game on saturday, everybody is in a good move and now they got to start their classes again and this alert comes through on their devices to shelter in place because of an active shooter. there is fear rapid on that campus at that point. luckily, they were less than subdue the suspect in less than two-minutes and declared the alert was off at that point. rehema ellis, thank you very much for joining us. pete williams confirming of the identity of the suspect who was killed. >> lets get the latest on the trump transition. >> the president-elect trump meeting with david patraeus this
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afternoon. a top transition story says he's being looked at for secretary of state. remember, he resigned as director after a scandal. kelly o'donell is covering the transition live from capitol hill today. does patraeus has a real shot of secretary of state according to the people that you are talking to. >> he passed some classified information to his biographers/girlfriend. he was conflicted and remains on probation and publicly, he was put through a humiliating time. because of that, they would mak
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juxtoposition. it is not something that the trump supporters and advocate for patraeus as a hinder considering him of a position like secretary of state. he has massive experience when it comes to world affairs and a top general and also cia director. he would earn courage him to take more of those presidential delay briefings to available themselves to the intelligence that's out there. i wonder if they'll have that conversation. people on the trump side having the kind of experience that would play in a world like that or perhaps a couple of other positions that remain unfilled, homeland security and the department of national intelligence and other kinds of positions and even right inside the white house where patraeus could be considered. >> secretary of state is the big prize. we know at at least three former
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individuals are being considered, mitt romney any and rudy giuliani and the loyalty test of romney and we'll see if that bears out any further discussions when trump and romney meet again. i was there when they met the first time. the world affairs briefly where they were talking about it and trying to show a sign of unity during the long campaign season. >> kate, you mentioned that rift if there is one within the campaign over rudy giuliani verses mitt romney, how real is that? what's your sense of whether there is a division or are we seeing the process publicly, what's going on? >> well, there are often divisions and they don't spill out publicly where you have aids or revisors who have previously
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worked with someone and who's in the running. for example, there is people who worked alongside rudy giuliani and during his own campaign and his time as mayor. he was a frequent president on the campaign trail. he was one o f the last vocal defenders of donald trump with some of the lowest points in the m ka pain. mitt romney for all of his credentials and public service and stature that he brings to it, there are many inside of the trump universe who thinks while that'll give a balance and we bring in different talent and shows that we are reaching out of this loyalty question of mitt romney having been vocal in his criticism and trump was too. most of the people we have seen in the trump's movement, have the people demonstrated at least a passive response during the campaign and most showing support for him along the way.
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kate. >> kellyanne conw o'donell wata of that, thank you very much. >> now to wisconsin where jill stein has asked for a recountdorecount. clinton campaign says they are not behind the effort and they maintained they do not believe it will change the outcome of the election. >> blake mccoy, the commission finished up a conference call earlier today. they said as long as jill stein pays for it. the recount begins on december 1st, what more can you tell us? >> exactly, they're tallying up the cost but i can tell you is upwards of a million dollars. stein's campaign raised up to $6 million to fund these in three states. they do have the money to move this recount forward. >> the commission decided on a time line for this recount.
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as long as they receive the mumbai tomorrow, the recount will begin on thursday here in wisconsin and complete by monday. they are a week and a half to conduct this recount. it is a decentralized system here. each county is going to be conducting its own recount. stein's campaign has been pushing for this. >> they'll review the ballots by hand but counties are going to use tabulation machines to come up with the final tally just like they did on election night. stein is going to go to court to get a court order to force a true hand recount. that's something she feels strongly about. now, wisconsin's governor walker came out today saying the recount is hard to justify and donald trump won wisconsin by
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22,000 votes. >> stein's campaign says, you don't know if there is voters hacking of this machine until they are looking at it. >> it should be fine and we'll move forward. >> they're talking about a recounr recounting in pennsylvania and michigan and what do we know about those two states? >> that's right, her campaign did file a petition in pennsylvania today so that's moving forward and she will have 48 hours to do so in michigan. the election just today was certified by the secretary of state for a donald trump win, it is a razor thin victory. >> that's the closest of the three states. >> blake mccoy, thank you. >> steve cornacki is here with the big board. >> steve, clinton leading trump in the popular vote. >> trump won the electoral vote.
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what impact and everybody was asking me thanksgiving weekend. what impact can this have? she would need to win all three of the state where is these recounts will or maybe happening. that's wisconsin and michigan and pennsylvania. you heard blake mccoy telling you, the margins is 22,000. >> michigan looks like 11,000 and in pennsylvania, the numbers are about 68,000. those seem like relatively small number in a scheme of elections of millions of vote. when it comes to a recount, those are astronomically higher. >> we are talking about generally, you have a recount and maybe one candidate and picking up 200 votes and maybe
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another candidate, that's the realm of what we are talking about, 11,000 is off the chart. that'll happen in michigan and twice that amount happening in wisconsin. 70,000 votes would have to change in pennsylvania. again, blake alluded through the other thing near jill stein and others pushing the idea that maybe there is other factors here of hacking machines. there is one thing that's put out there about wisconsin where you have one type of voting process in some counties and another type. there is a gap there between how hillary clinton did. it was entirely explained by where those different machines are. the machines where clinton did worse are in the kind of counties in wisconsin and the entire midwest, clinton was just doing worse. it is not a function of one of
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the machines or suspicious hacking activity in those machine or any kind of evidence of that and there is no evidence of any kind of hacking here. these are numbers are not to get turn around and recount. >> we would have to flip all three of those states in order to flip the electoral college resul results? >> yes, i cannot stress this enough, never seen before and suddenly that 22,000 vote gap and lead for donald trump disappears on a recount which again, totally unheard of. she would still lose the election. it will happen again in michigan and again in pennsylvania. >> steve cornacki. thanks so much, baafter the bre, charlie sykes is joining me with his take. >> and the president-elect trump's unfounded allegations of millions of people voted
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the clock is ticking for donald trump to make his biggest decisions of this transition, secretary of state. several names have been floated around. i am joined my contributor, charlie sykes, the influential host of midday with charlie sykes, how are you? nice to see you. >> good, i am doing well >> lets talk about the meeting of patraeus, that's who is at trump tower this afternoon. >> he had to plea guilty and he pled guilty to a charge here last year, it is similar of what
12:20 pm
donald trump accused of hillary clinton's doing during the campaign. does patraeus makes sense for you? >> it would be ironic. on the other hand. david patraeus is an extraordinary individual, he's a patriot. knack, he had a lot to offer the country and compare to some of the other names that have been floated, it does not offend me. >> what about the promise on the campaign trail. so far, most of the people host named and looking at are establishment types, no? >> what strikes me is the number of ga-millionaires. donald trump seems to have a pension for wealthy cabinet members and some of them may of course, be qualified and we ha
12:21 pm
to offer. he does seem to be leading on a lot of the insider and a lot of his economic circle. how that plays out is very interesting. >> we talked about mitt romney and rudy giuliani . >> i want to play something from this morning. this is the kellyanne conway, this is from over the weekend, take a listen. >> people feel betrayed to think that governor mitt romney who went out of h is way to question the character and the intellect of donald trump. >> she says that about mitt romney on sunday morning and joe scarborough this morning on on "morning joe." trump was furious that kellyanne
12:22 pm
conway said that. >> i don't think anybody does i well. one of the mysteries i have not figured out, why does mitt romney want this? >> what is it for him? from day one, you know that there would be eyes out for him and people troying to under min him and you have games being played by donald trump's inner circle or himself who's engaging in some sort of manipulative, good cop/bad cop thing. if i am mitt romney, i have to think, do i need this? should i spend more time with my grandchildren. that's one of the most interesting questions. i have to ask you about wisconsin, donald trump not happy with this idea of a recount but he insisted that millions of people in a tweet yesterday voted illegally, his team cited report that it has
12:23 pm
been debunked widely by fat checkers. here is what the commissioner said this afternoon about a recount. >> i think it is most unfortunate that the president-elect trump is claiming that there is huge problems with our system and that's needing whfeeding this c theater. ill li i would like to come out of his trump tower and spend the time with the folks on the ground that are counting these votes. he won that county. to say that it is not being fair or people are counting illegal votes, from my vantage point, it is an insult to the people that run the elections. >> they deserve better treatments. >> do you agree the
12:24 pm
president-elect trump that -- >> the president of the united states is tweeting out fake news and his source is one of the most notorious and unreliable conspiracy out there. this you think the truth took a beating last year, it is about to get much worse. this is a good indication. it is bad enough that he's tweeting it out. there is something fundamentally disturbing about the president of the united states who just won the election and going out of his way to delegitimatize the process so you have both sides right now, you have the bad losers and the winners. the end result is -- i don't see anybody. >> conservative talk radio, charlie, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> how will president-elect
12:25 pm
trump trump dealing with one of the last remaining communist countries. >> we'll cancel obama o's one sided cuban deal. made by executive orders, if we do not get the deal we want and the deal that people living in cuba and here deserves. they are the natural borns enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary,
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ugh. heartburn. sorry ma'am. no burning here. try alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they don't taste chalky and work fast. mmmm. incredible. can i try? she doesn't have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief. top story of this half hour, the man accused of shooting nine people of charleston church last year will be allowed to act as his own federal attorney. the district judge called the decision outline wise. dylann roof is charged with 33 counts including of hate crime. 30 minutes from now, ohio police will give us an update of the nine that's injured at the
12:29 pm
university. president-elect trump is meeting with retired general david patraeus, there is reports that patraeus was being looked at for secretary of state. romney is still in the mix of that and he will meet with president-elect trump tomorrow morning. thousands are paying respects for fidel castro. many are wonder what his death means. >> if cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the cuban american and the u.s. as a whole, i will terminate deals. lets turn to or morgan who's in nevada, what are you hearing from folks there? >> reporter: right now we are standing inside the iconic, this is where the revolutionaries happen and you can see thousands
12:30 pm
of people behind me. they have been lining you will all day just to pay their final respects. you can see here, they take two entire pages and people across the island have been seeing what the effect of his death mean for them. >> i picked one woman and she's a 29-year-old mother. in a day-to-day sense, what does that legacy really means? >> here we don't have a lot of things that young people usually want or need or with new technology and things like that. they always want to be on top of it and people want to use those things and kept in the loop. >> yeah, exactly. we don't have that here and we are not as up to date as we would like to be. >> do you think it will change now that fidel castro died. >> i don't think his death had anything. >> you don't think change is
12:31 pm
accelerated? the country is going to open up more and economically prosperous future or kids. >> no. i don't think so. >> reporter: what is this neighborhood called? where are we? >> describe the neighborhood for me. >> it is really quiet. this is the only streets where there is a lot of buildings. >> yeah. >> come on in. >> this is home. >> yes, this is home. >> oh wow. >> it is great. >> how long have you live here? >> three years now. >> books are all mine. i am the only one here who reads. >> do you have a laptop? >> i do. >> do you have internet? >> slow connection but yeah. >> how long have you had the internet? >> about a year. >> what cause the change, were you alo ylowed to have it befor? ? i had e-mails but when i
12:32 pm
started working at home, they gave me the needs to have an internet connection. >> how many of your neighbors have internet do you think? >> i think we are the only ones here in the building. >> you have this beautiful three-year-old son. when you this i of his future, do you want him to have a future that's like yours or more opportunities? >> i think that a life like mine would be really good because i had a lot and i did consider myself lucky. i mean if it comes out that you can have more then yeah, that would be great. i think a lot like mine would be pretty great. >> okay, the people i spoken to here, i tend to fall in one of two categories. things won't really change because raul had been in power for so long. others are saying this may open
12:33 pm
up for more economic future and one like deanna may have internet access and freely and openly and they can get anything they want. >> it is so interesting to go inside her life. morgan rad fo mo morgan radford. >> up next, marking the biggest victory for president assad since the start of the uprising five years ago. david. what's going on? oh hey! ♪ that's it? yeah. ♪ everybody two seconds! ♪ "dear sebastian, after careful consideration of your application, it is with great pleasure that we offer our congratulations on your acceptance..." through the tuition assistance program, every day mcdonald's helps more people go to college. it's part of our commitment to being america's best first job. ♪ ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them.
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the governor would be in control of the five largest city of the country. lucy, how significant is the government advancing into aleppo. >> reporter: kate, it is significant. the syrian president sassad's
12:37 pm
forces succeed here, it could change the outcome of this war and pave the way for a vickery f vickery -- victory for him. aleppo is the last major city where the rebels had a strong president. it is been divided for five years between the government to the west and the opposition in the east. now, what looks like an all out push to buy that government to reclaim the control of this territory and a quarter of a million people believed to be living inside that city deadly and devastating consequences for them. the syrian civil defense group, at least 500 people killed in the last twelve days along. it is difficult for us to get those exact statistics and to know really what's clearly happening on the ground and most of the info. we get come frs s
12:38 pm
the ak vctivists. the rebels lost all of the neighborhood that they controlled and russia defense ministry saying that the syrian force capturing 40% of the territory of the rebels. some of them heading towards the north where the curds are in country and so control. a lot of people terrified to leave and they're afraid to leave. if they'll go to those government held area, they'll face consequences. they are dealing with a situation where hospitals are not fully functioning. food ran out earlier this month and they're dealing with russia and syrian airplanes and air strike strikes from the sky and troops on the ground and almost, nowhere to go. >> kate. >> as far as the u.s. involvement of the backing of some rebels by the united states, what does it mean for
12:39 pm
that effort? >> well, it is a difficult situation for the rebels regardless of the shifting dynamics here. the u.s. is focusing on the fight of isis and americans also focusing on the coalition of the fight against isis here in iraq and mosul. the in coming donald trump and the president-elect trump said that he's that he questions the efforts. we don't know who these guys really are. there are a lot of questions about whether that support will continue and clearly this assault happening now in that interim time where it looks like there will not be a lot of opportunities. >> lucy, thank you very much. >> back to politics in this country. late sunday, donald trump tweeted with no evidence of the widely debunk claim that millions of people voted illegally in the presidential election saying that he would have won the popular vote if you
12:40 pm
did not count those. >> for more, i want to bring in john helman. i don't know, i don't think i have seen you since the election. nice to see you. >> how is your thanksgiving? >> delightful. i was here the day but we did the dinner the next day. anyway, let meggett yo get your reaction. this is president-elect trump stating this, it is widely debunked and not just by us. >> why does he do that? >> i don't think he can help himself. my reaction is i am horrified and not shocked. donald trump was as a presidential candidate. and all politicians lie and a lot of them stretch the truth. donald trump was off the charts in terms of his willingness.
12:41 pm
and i think you know it is one other example of a place where what we saw in trump, you know he gets on twitter and he starts to say things and some of those things have no relationships what so ever with the truth. >> it is troubling though. >> he sent out an early morning tweet storm, many fwetweets yesterday morning and kellyanne conway went after mitt romney. our political team summed all this up yesterday by saying a trump's white house preview, feuds and teurmoil and conspiraci conspiracies. >> you got to go back to the campaign, it is full of discord and a lot of campaign managers came and went and there were a lot of power struggles there.
12:42 pm
trump seems to wipe out people. >> i think of a man his age that he's not going to change very much. >> i do think that there is probably some medthod to the madness. i don't think it is comforting for people watching it. i think trump will like this kind of drama around him. he's in so many ways the anti-obama. and the way that president obama was no drama and hated the notion of conflict and leaking. trump he belie trump rebels it and he likes the attention and he's the chaos candidate. unfortunately, i think he's going to be the chaos president and of course, a lot of consequences for both the
12:43 pm
country and the world if that's how he decide to govern and run his white house. >> i have got to ask you an interview. so many people know the rapper. and you spoke with him. if he would give donald trump a chance as president and here is part of he is answer to you. >> they tell me they got it, just wait, one second. >> do you feel like you are going to give donald trump a chance? >> um -- i guess you have no choice but to give him a chance, right, because he's the president? i think that, you know -- it is just a lot of heightened, he's
12:44 pm
been in the public figure for ever the platform he ran on is scary. >> so he's going to give him a chance but he's not happy about it. >> i was quoting dave chapelle, it is now number one on the billboard chart and dave chapelle says he decides to give trump a chance if trump were to give people a chance. >> i asked the question to q-tip
12:45 pm
about it and he said he's not happy but in the end, he's our president. >> 6:00 p.m. eastern right here msnbc. you can catch that. up in the casnext, 120 million are taking to the internet today and reaping those benefits. that's a million cyber shoppers more than one year ago. after the break, we'll take you live to an amazon distribution center where wow, busy maybe an under statement. as after a dvt blood clot,ital i sure had a lot to think about. what about the people i care about?
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how was the meeting? the meeting went pretty well. it was for an hour, and he showed us the challenges out there and some of the tu opportunities as well. very good conversation and we'll see where it goes from here. i got to teach this afternoon so that's all i can do. >> did he offer you a job, sir? >> well, that just happened
12:49 pm
moments ago, that's david patraeus leaving tring trump to the streets here in manhattan. patraeus reportedly under consideration for the key position of secretary of state which several other people are under considering for as well. let me bring in my colleague john harwood. we are hearing a lot of names as i just said. you are standing in front of trump tower, you probably just saw patraeus leave. what do we know about the latest and is it a guessing game as to who donald trump is leading towards? >> reporter: well, for secretary of state, it is wide open. the front runner for quite sometime and mitt romney was someone we believe was put on the table and one source tells me by reince priebus presented that option for donald trump and he met with mitt romney. we have a second meeting with
12:50 pm
romney tomorrow. i don't believe given the way kellyanne conway, the campaign manager was trashing mitt romney a over the week. we cannot assume anything of so i think that's a jump ball at this point. much different from say defense where james mattis is the front-runner or treasury where steve ma nuchian is. >> what do you think of the parade of people and i was looking at the list. it's a lot of rich people who run companies and ceos of companies. is he seeking counsel? >> and interviewing people. one of the people was paul adkins who is heading the financial regulation portion of his team. there is advice he is getting from people about nominating others and also job interviews
12:51 pm
that he is doing and it's possible that some people are being interviewed for jobs and don't realize it. we have seen that from the dick chen tow vice president and the search process in 2000. sometimes they take unexpected turns. the one that is the genuine question mark is secretary of state. >> john harwood from trump tower. we will be back in a moment as we wait for a media briefing about today's attack on the campus of ohio university that left nine people injured and the suspect dead. today, there's a new option. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a tens device with high intensity power that uses technology once only available in doctors' offices. its wireless remote lets you control the intensity, and helps you get back to things like this or this. and back to being yourself.
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be honest. have you been online and have you done shopping? it was a record black friday. $3.3 billion spent on line and 122 million americans expected to shop online today. that makes this the biggest
12:55 pm
online shopping day ever in history. live at an amazon zikz center. will today be bigger than black friday was? >> yeah, it is poised to be that way. already a half billion dollars has been spent from midnight to 10:00 a.m. i want to show you the vast size. we are talking about 12 football fields. when you order from amazon, what happens next? what exactly are you doing right here? >> i am picking the item that the tuft mer has & they are going down and out to the customer. >> how would you characterize today?
12:56 pm
is it bigger than usual or about the same? >> it is very busy, but every day really here. amazon last year processed 629 items a seconds. we talked to them about the cyber security and they are going against any potential attacks and feel very secure as you place all of those and it is going to be a record breaking near. >> i have not been online yet. you are looking at ross auditorium. we expect to get an update on the attack of the campus of ohio state university. we learned the identity of the man who launched the attack. stay with us for that.
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>> good afternoon. we begin with that breaking news we have been talking about all afternoon oust columbus, ohio. we are standing by for a news conference expected to get under way any minute now. they will be addressing the attack that left nine people injured. a man drove a car over a curb and hit a group of pedestrians. the man got out of his car and started cutting people with a butcher knife. the suspect was shot and killed by a police officer who arrived less than a after that attack began. one victim is now in


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